Big Yellow Dog Pet Services
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Dog Walking
We offer dog walking throughout the day between the hours of 8am-8pm. Walking keeps dogs physically fit, gives them a chance to socialize with other dogs, helps them interact with people, and reduces behavior problems like separation anxiety and barking.  You can have your dog walked either on a daily or occasional basis.
In-Home Pet Consultation
Your friendly, neighborhood pet sitter will come to your home to meet you and your pets.  At this visit you will have the chance to interview the pet sitter to make sure the sitter is a good match for your pet. Then we can complete the necessary paperwork, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.
Going out of town? Returning home late from work?  Big Yellow Dog Pet Services offers Out-of-Town Visits for when you need to leave town. A pet sitter will come to your home and care for your pet while you are away. We will follow your pet care routine per your instructions, including feeding, watering, exercising and administering any medication your pet might require. And most importantly, we will play with your pet! A standard visit is a full 30-minutes in length (however, shorter and longer times and overnights are certainly available too). Dogs generally require 2-3 visits per day. Cats and other animals usually require 1-2 visits per day. We also provide basic home care services while you're gone, such as bringing in newspapers, flyers and mail, watering plants, alternating lights, adjusting blinds and setting out or taking in trash receptacles​.
Park Visit
A private overnight stay with your pet(s) in your own home for your pet's comfort. For dogs this also includes a night and morning dog walking. Includes watering plants, bringing in mail, turning on/off lights, and opening/closing curtains.
Overnight Pet Sitting
Daily In-Home Pet Sitting Visits -Express, Mid-day, Evening
Pet Taxi
Pet Supply Pick-Up/ Errand 
and Technician-Service-Call Wait/Help
Hotel Care
Cat Sitting: Daily In-Home Visits
Home Care Visit & House Sitting
For our non-pet clients, this visit takes care of all the things you can't take care of while you're out of town. We'll bring in your mail, water your plants, pick up your packages, water your lawn, sweep your porch, or any other household task you'd like done while you're away. We'll even stock your refrigerator for you with essentials before you come home! We'll make your home looked "lived in" by turning lights on and off, rotating blinds and draperies and turning televisions / radios on and off. Our home care visits add an an extra measure of security to your home while providing you with peace-of-mind.
Big Yellow Dog Pet Services is committed to your pets. Their comfort, daily needs, safety and loving care is our mission. We specialize in caring for your special needs pets, whether it be medication, injections, sub-Q-fluids, or hospice care.
Caring for Pets with Special Needs
If your dog loves to socialize with other dogs, we also offer a 1-hour visit to the Ballenger Creek Dog Park or Baker Park Dog Park. Dogs must be well socialized and not show any aggressive behavior.
Visit includes litter box cleaning (cat sitting), fresh water and feeding, brushing, playtime, and administering medications (injections not included) when needed.
You don’t have to leave your pet behind when you travel. We provide pet care in your hotel AND we can travel with you to provide pet care while you’re enjoying the trip. If you’re getting married or have a vacation planned, rest assured, Big Yellow Dog Pet Services can take care of the pet duties and you can relax. Should you travel to our area and need someone to care for your pet while you’re attending a Frederick Keys game, having dinner with family or friends or taking in some of the sights around downtown, Big Yellow Dog Pet Services can provide safe and secure hotel pet care in your hotel room.
No matter what the task is, whether you need a simple errand run or you need an administrative superstar, Big Yellow Dog Pet Services can do the job. We don’t just assign you whomever is available. We take the time to get to know you, and we find the perfect task manager for your specific needs and requirements.
We provide your pet and you with safe and dependable transportation to and from locations in Frederick & Montgomery County. We transport for  non emergency situations. We can take your pet to the vet, grooming and trainer appointments, boarding facilities, doggy day care, airport (BWI, Dulles and Regan International) and other pet related locations. Our goal is to ensure that your pet has a stress free move.